👋 I’m Greta! I like following all phases of a product development process - with a preference for UX, prototyping and testing. I'm challenged by working in teams, and I'm comfortable adapting my tools and methods according to context and needs. I'm focused on applying a human-centred design approach to create meaningful experiences and simple-to-use products.


Currently working with a very diverse team at Helix Centre remotely from Amsterdam.

Previously I worked with

Interactive Things, Zurich
H-ART (now AKQA), Venice


🇳🇱Hogeschool Utrecht
Co-design Minor, 2017 to present
🇨🇭MAInD SUPSI, Lugano
Adventures in Data Visualization, July 2017

Say hello

I’m always looking to collaborate on interesting projects with awesome people - mail me write@greatgreta.com

I am based in Amsterdam and I don’t like coffee, but we can have a tea! Find me on the internet...


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