👋 I’m Greta! I'm a curious human being born on an island. I have a presumptuous URL, but I'm humble and approachable IRL!


I like solving problems with an empty mind and full dedication. Generally keeping design simple-to-use, I hope to enable everyone to express themselves, get a new perspective, and accomplish a task with little frustration! I'm challenged by working in teams to ideate, refine and deliver digital products and experiences that delight and inform.


On any given day you can find me in my studio in Amsterdam busy listening to music, designing and collaborating with my team at Helix Centre in London. I don't drink coffee, but I'm talkative and enjoy good company! So write@greatgreta.com or find me on Twitter.

Previously I worked with

Interactive Things, Zurich
H-ART (now AKQA), Venice


🇳🇱Hogeschool Utrecht
Co-design Minor, 2017 to present
🇨🇭MAInD SUPSI, Lugano
Adventures in Data Visualization, July 2017


The Junior UX Crunch - London, December 2019
Innovation in Healthcare by design and empathy - Milan, June 2019
Data Driven Innovation - Rome, May 2018


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