Dialogo a due

Some of the interactions that we have daily with things, places and other people generate remarkable experiences, but by stripping away from the physical aspects of them how do we visualise the impact that they have on ourselves? Is there a way to collect the changes that these interactions bring along?

Dialogo a due is a project about human interaction with places and invisible experiences. The research turns invisible learnings and changes into visible skin's marks and uses the photographic language as a means for visualisation.
The outcome of this research is a series of photographs and a book. The book's layout privileges the text thanks to wide blank margins and sometimes breaks the structure by introducing notes or images.

The book is divided into a research and visual section. The first one gathers the study on the body which includes:
• some examples from the 50's, 60's and 70's;
• some key concepts to the project like the time, estrangement from places explained through the work of internationally renewed photographers such as Luigi Ghirri, Francesca Woodman, Duane Michals;
• an extensive research on the visual poetry as an artistic expression which espouses text and image.

The simple objective of the second section is to showcase the series of photos with as little interference and distraction as possible. Each image dialogues with the near text, that integrates the visual language and contribute to complete the spread.
Every picture is designed as a visual story where the marks on the skin visualise the interaction between the body and the place. The places where the experience has happened are reproduced as backgrounds of the photos. Each background is carefully composed by assembling together small cuts of the final image. The resulting image can reach dimension of 7x3 metres.

The process to the shooting was quite long and laborious, from the composition and installation of the background to the recreation of the marks on the skin's model, from setting up the lights to the study of the composition, but was also the most fruitful and enjoyable part of the project.

BA Thesis
Mentor Paola Binante
Year 2012

The project was part of the exhibibition 'Dentro l'immagine' at Spazio Labò, Bologna (IT).

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