Donne e Lavoro

Donna Moderna is a well-known weekly women's magazine published by the Italian editor Arnoldo Mondadori. The magazine has a circulation of more than 200,000 copies - September 2015 - and it has also an active website with more than 3 million views per month.

In November 2015, Donna Moderna organised a series of different activities and talks and launched on its website an online survey around the topic 'Women & Jobs'. In occasion of this special event, Donna Moderna wanted to publish its first data-driven article to explore the data and discuss the opinions as the result of the online survey.
I was asked to collaborate with a journalist and an illustrator on an interactive visualisation for the Donna Moderna's website.
We sourced the qualitative and quantitative data respectively from the result of the online survey and from statistical data by the Istat and Eurostat Institutes.

I worked closely with the illustrator to arrange the dataset and, under the guidance of the Art Director, we developed the concept, made some initial editorial choices, and started sketching the infographics and the graphs. We used two different visual languages according to the nature and origin of the data. Then each sketch was quickly prototyped and tested and arranged into the visualisation according to the journalistic narration. In the end together with a developer, I combined all the visual and textual content into the interactive visualisation.

Project curated by Istituto Metis.
In collaboration with Nicola Giorgio and Emmanuele Lacavalla.