My lover is from Naples. His name is Gennaro.

At the end of 2019, I've started dedicating my attention to a new person. He had my interest for a long time, but I never made a move. Then, probably in the busiest week of my autumn, I've decided that it was the time to act. So we spent a weekend getting to know each other!

Now I am in love! But he can be a difficult one. He needs constant attention and dedication. And those always require a lot of time and energy!
Sometimes our weekends are not the best, but we learn something new about each other, and we hope to avoid the same mistakes in the future.
Our relationship is passionate, as you would expect from an Italian guy from the south. He is from around Naples, and he is all about good food: bread, pizza and focaccia are his favourites!

His name is Gennaro. He is my first sourdough starter!
We have a relationship with ups and downs, but I am still happy with all our weekends spent together 💞So here some unfiltered pictures of our memories together!

*The person who gifted me Gennaro told me that the sourdough starter 'doesn't need any drama!'. So this post is a passionate metaphor of my troubled relationship with him!